🚀 Daily Momentum (Notion task & project manager w/ statistics)

Jordan Ewert
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Templates (linked database pages) include:

🌅 Daily Journal
⏹️ Tasks & Events
🀄️ Projects
☑️ Statistice

How this template works

🚀 Daily Momentum is a Notion template optimized to manage your personal and business life using a series of connected databases. Use this template to track your daily habits along with a task/events/project management system. This template includes two dashboard page variations showing key information on one page. Projects can easily be managed using self-referential filters to display unique project information, such as which related tasks are complete and how many need to be completed. Each task is linked with statistics automatically so you get both project and big picture stats.

Advantages of this template

✅ See all your tasks, projects, and statistics working together simultaneously on one page

✅ Task due dates are easily recognizable for what's past due, due today, tomorrow, etc

✅ Consolidated projects, events, and recurring events held in a single database (tasks & events)

✅ Quickly summarize tasks and projects, showing what and when tasks need to be completed

✅ Includes both narrow and full-width dashboard configurations (all these databases on a single page)

✅ Check off daily actions (habits, goals, etc.) using the journal database that creates a new entry every day

✅ Reference documentation for every default page template, property formula, or default view

✅ In reference material includes bonus information on synching Outlook or Google Calendar

What gets measured gets done

🌅 Daily Journal

An independent habit journal

Using a clever hack, Notion can create new entries automatically every day while simultaneously filling in the date property. 🌅 Daily Journal serves as a way to track daily habits and calculates the number of checkboxes you fill in daily while providing statistics and visual progress bars.

⏹️ Tasks & Events

Linked with projects and statistics

Entries here in ⏹️ Tasks & Events can become either tasks, recurring tasks, or calendar events. I personally add my calendar events into this database using automation for Outlook or Google Calendar. Note: this database does not make use of Notion’s subtask feature. Instead, it relies on 🀄 Projects to round up all associated tasks. Linked with ☑️ Statistics to measure open tasks data.

🀄 Projects

Linked with tasks & events and statistics

This database doesn’t have the same status properties as Tasks & Events. Rather, it serves as a container for associated tasks using a # out of # counter and a progress bar. 🀄 Projects use their own date property (date range) but they also rounding up ⏹️ Tasks & Events next incomplete task date, recurring task, or upcoming event. Linked with ☑️ Statistics to measure open tasks data.

☑️ Statistics

Linked to both tasks & events and projects

Contains only one page which calculates all of your incomplete, in progress, and other entries associated with projects and their tasks, so you know which ones are due today, this week, past due, etc.

Emoji & Group References

Below are some of the emojis this template uses to quickly identify a task's status.

⏹️  Not Started (default)
🚧  In progress
❓  Waiting
⏸️  Paused
🧩  Resource
✅  Complete
📦  Archive
❌  Canceled

A task priority is identified by the following emojis. Sorting options by priority are not based on this emoji but rather another formula so tasks without a status marked are between high and low. When dates are selected they automatically get grouped and filtered accordingly to set filters.

↑ High priority
↓ Low priority
No priority (empty, but could be replaced with any emoji, such as - )
📅  Personal calendar
🗓️  Work calendar
🎡  Recurring

Target Date emojis (tasks, projects, events)

☀️  Task due today
🟦  Task due tomorrow
🟧  Task due yesterday
🟥  Task overdue

Recurring Date emojis (recurring)

🟢 Recurring Task due today
🔵 Recurring Task due tomorrow
🟠 Recurring Task yesterday
🔴 Recurring Task overdue

Group References (very useful for sorting or grouping)

Group (specific)

  • Past Due, Today, This Week, In the Future

Group (broad)

  • Resources, Completed, Task / Event, Recurring

Group (priority)

  • Urgent, High, Low, Events, Recurring, No Priority

Group (dates/no dates)

  • Dates, No Dates
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Daily Momentum Notion Template (4 databases)

🌅 Daily Journal
An independent habit journal that records a new entry every day with a date
🀄️ Projects
Projects contain a high level container view of tasks that are associated
⏹️ Tasks & Events
Tasks & Events store tasks and calendar events, sorted by priority and target dates, and are associated with projects
☑️ Stats
Measures all open projects and tasks that need to be completed!


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🚀 Daily Momentum (Notion task & project manager w/ statistics)

5 ratings
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