Daily Momentum (Notion task & project management system)

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Daily Momentum (Notion task & project management system)

Jordan Ewert
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This Notion template is a dashboard that allows you to manage projects and their associated tasks through relational databases, with the addition of measuring each from a third statistics database. 2+ years in the making, this "to do" system has been my obsession. It includes 50+ custom formulas and 30+ views, all designed to display information in the best way possible using a combination of gallery and list views.

What gets measured gets done. If you find yourself disorganized, with notes and various tasks scattered across different notebooks or apps, this dashboard—and the technology behind Notion—may be the thing you’ve been looking for to get more organized and on track!

I developed this Daily Momentum template because I was working two jobs and freelancing on the side, all with two kids running around the house. Using this will change how you approach work and give you peace of mind!

How it works: https://youtu.be/of_qu595s7w

⏳2+ years in the making and hundreds of hours of testing (seriously!)

✅ 50+ custom formulas

✅ 30+ different views between projects and tasks

✅ Measure open projects and tasks

✅ Detailed video guide and complete FAQ section, including screenshots of all custom filters, sorting options, and properties

✅ Direct email and private Facebook group help and support

I want this!
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Projects ⇆ Tasks & Events ⇆ Statistics (Extremely powerful task / project manager)

🎯 Projects
Projects contain a high level container view of tasks that are associated using date ranges
⏩ Tasks & Events
Tasks & Events store tasks and calendar events, sorted by priority and target dates, and are associated with projects
☑️ Stats
Measures all open projects and tasks that need to be completed!


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